Earthquake, Di Venanzio (Unindustria): Reconstruction still at the stake, 2020 is the year in which we move from words to deeds

Dec 30, 2019

“What is about to end was a year in which, for the areas hit by the 2016 earthquake, there is still no prospect of reconstruction, despite the effort and preparation of the bodies that manage the post-earthquake locally. Apart from the removal of the rubble, little is still seen, especially in terms of private reconstruction ”. Alessandro Di Venanzio, President of Unindustria Rieti declares.

“We have seen many slides, heard many proclamations and witnessed numerous catwalks, but then the words were not followed by the facts: the tragedy of the earthquake could have been an opportunity to create development and employment, but it did not happen. We know that the resources for public works have been allocated, but until now the complex procedures have represented a brake: we certainly need more simplification, we need to de-bureaucratise the processes, the mayors who have done an extraordinary job in recent years must be involved more, always listening to the needs of businesses and citizens.

With regard to private reconstruction, however, we were the first to denounce the CAS system (Autonomous Accommodation Contributions): we would like more clarity on this aspect and to know how much money has been spent. A bit of light, both with regard to public and private reconstruction, would seem to come from the new Earthquake Decree approved on 11 December last: however, to issue a definitive judgment we await the practical application of the rules, because given how the reconstruction went being optimistic in recent years is really difficult. We hope with all our strength to be proved wrong by the facts ”.

“More generally, the local economy needs to follow up on those promises that have been holding back growth for too long and preventing the creation of new jobs and my thoughts go to those who have not yet found a place. I am referring first to the lack of infrastructure: our province, within the region, is certainly the one that suffers most. I am thinking of the doubling of the Salaria and a railway connection worthy of the name. Despite these objectively difficult conditions, however, some companies have not given up on investing because entrepreneurs strongly believe in this territory and recognize all its qualities.

There are companies, just to give examples, which are a great demonstration of resilience, such as the Sano salami factory in Accumuli, the Petrucci dairy in Amatrice, the Alta Quota brewery in Cittareale that have maintained and where possible increased the number of employees. Even in the industrial core of Rieti, other companies overcome the challenges of the markets, without forgetting the establishment of a new company of the Ibm Group which, thanks to the synergy with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Lazio Region, has brought employment for 113 people. We are also confident about some open trade union disputes, which with the right spirit could be resolved successfully within the first months of the new year.

Moreover, our territory has seen its attractiveness confirmed, as evidenced by the recognition of Rieti as a “European city for sport for 2021” and the assignment of the wakeboarding world championships to the Salto lake. These are two events that will bring visibility, economic growth and a very significant number of people between athletes and tourists to the territory. In short, despite the many difficulties, the business system looks to 2020 with optimism, hoping that the new year will finally lead to the start of reconstruction and to create the conditions to foster development and employment “.


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