Unindustria Rieti also in 2020 donates the Christmas tree to Cittareale. On 8 December the ignition

Dec 8, 2020

It has never abandoned the earthquake-stricken territories and since the 2016 earthquake drama occurred Unindustria Rieti, in the person of its president Alessandro Di Venanzio, has never left Cittareale alone.
As happened in previous years, also in 2020 Unindustria has donated to the town led by the mayor Francesco Nelli a Christmas tree that will be lit on Tuesday 8 December, at 5 pm.
“Unindustria, as a concrete sign of closeness to the territory, has decided to donate the Christmas tree to the municipality of Cittareale again this year – comments President Di Venanzio – a symbol of hope and concreteness, especially in this phase characterized by the Covid pandemic. We are close to the territory also in 2020, together with the president of Piccola Industria Rieti, Marco Pezzopane, and the president of Ance Rieti, Roberto Bocchi. The lights were offered by the MEF, thanks to the interest of Dr. Ettore Russo.
At the lighting of the Christmas tree there will be, in addition to the community of Cittareale, the mayor Francesco Nelli, the president of Unindustria, Angelo Camilli the president of Unindustria Rieti, Alessandro Di Venanzio, the former president of Unindustria, Filippo Tortoriello always present in years passed, the Commander of the Carabinieri Rieti, Colonel Bruno Bellini, and the Commander of the Rieti Finance Police, Colonel Michele Giovanni Messa.