Unindustria Rieti, Alessandro Di Venanzio’s new mandate has officially begun

Oct 9, 2020

In the Unindustria Rieti headquarters, the president Alessandro Di Venanzio welcomed the press on the morning of 8 October 2020 to officially kick off his second term, after re-election obtained with 80% of the votes.

In the wake of this great success, Di Venanzio himself made an overview of the Rieti area, from businesses and work to the university, passing through the support provided to entrepreneurs during the Covid pandemic.


“Any discussion on the growth and development of the territory cannot fail to start from the observation that four years after the earthquake, reconstruction is proceeding slowly – comments Di Venanzio – citizens are alone and only the companies, which have continued, facing enormous difficulties in guaranteeing employment and development. Something has been done, but there are still many unresolved issues. Commissioner Giovanni Legnini is doing a good job; now, however, it is necessary to give a great acceleration from a bureaucratic point of view, streamlining all the procedures that prevent a fast and effective reconstruction, intervening on intangible and material infrastructures.
• Single Commissioner proposal for each region and not one for all four?
• Cas speech: ends when the emergency state ends. These are the funds intended for the owners of a house damaged by the 2016 earthquake to pay the rent of a house, the solution preferred by many to accommodation in a small house, the emergency housing structures. And it didn’t encourage private reconstruction
• Salary issue, the expansion now no longer postponable, no ifs and buts

After the reconstruction theme and the compliments addressed to Commissioner Legnini for the good work done so far, the focus of the Unindustria president was turned to the communication routes: The so-called heavy reconstruction can be said to have started, but proceeds amid delays and bureaucratic burdens.

For the territories concerned, it is necessary to strengthen the main road and railway lines and the connection of production areas and mountainous areas. It is therefore strategic that the development and redevelopment program of the affected areas extends to include infrastructural works such as:
– the modernization of the Salaria state road from Rome as a strategic link to the crater area and all of Central Italy
– the Rieti-Torano link, whose project is stopped in the Services Conference;
– the completion of the Rieti-Terni (WHICH WILL BE READY AT THE END OF THE YEAR)
– the construction of the Rieti-Rome railway axis.

The modernization of the infrastructures also includes an interconnection with the Simplified Logistics Area of ​​Civitavecchia, currently being approved by the Lazio Region: among the Municipalities identified in the ZLS, there are also Rieti, Fiano Romano and Monterotondo, which will become part of the so-called “Short chain” of logistics at regional and interregional level.
The regional logistic platforms and hubs will be enhanced, thus promoting the eco-sustainable development of transport (reducing travel times) as well as the development and integration of the Tyrrhenian / Adriatic cross corridors. The goal is to enhance those areas as logistics hubs and promote the full implementation of strategic projects related to its development.

The development of the Passo Corese logistics hub has led to growth and employment and, following the example of Amazon, other companies have an interest in establishing themselves. Making the conditions for doing business increasingly favorable, which essentially needs two things: certain rules and certain times. The current crisis stems from several factors, such as the scarce availability of public funding and the lack of fast connections.

Covid pandemic

Unindustria has been close to all companies in this pandemic. Di Venanzio continues – the association has informed all entrepreneurs, unfortunately we have begun to have positive subjects for Coronavirus again, the certain thing is that to get out of it it is necessary to respect the rules.

All sectors have been affected, there are no components for the processing of cars or technology for example. Now the flow of materials has restarted, but unfortunately we are returning to an unclear situation. The situation is difficult to manage, but the bad thing is that we are in a system where the rules are not enforced. There is also the risk that those who do not wear a mask and do not respect the rules will raise their hands against those who point out this lack.

Relationship with Tortoriello

Unfortunately, two different measures are often used in relation to the territory. President Tortoriello had taken over a decocted company, and unfortunately he only lost money in a year to help it, and equally he was not treated well. Now he wants to leave again, and I hope so, because he is a serious and intelligent person, fond of the territory. “


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