Unindustria: raw materials hiked, recovery at risk

Jun 23, 2021

There is a recovery, but the price of raw materials weighs on the future of the economy, putting the competitiveness of Rieti companies at risk. Raising the red alert is the number one of Unindustria Rieti, Alessandro Di Venanzio.

“It is a fact – he tells Il Messaggero – that we are in the presence of a strong industrial recovery. There is talk of double zero figures, but while in the same period of 2020 we experienced the problem of closures for Covid, now it seems to increase the problem due to the lack of raw materials “.

“Increases that affect all economic sectors and in a phase in which the pandemic has not yet been fully recovered.” Since December we have begun to talk about what today has become a real problem – he continues. – Raw materials are used by all industrial sectors and beyond. We are experiencing excessive increases and, as if that were not enough, we are facing a lack of raw materials, perhaps the result of excessive consumption by the predominant countries. The industrial sector is affected, but also the construction sector. In fact, today all sectors cannot guarantee timely estimates and do not have certain dates for the arrival of the same raw materials “.

Therefore, he appeals to the competent authorities: “We suggest monitoring the problem and avoiding, as happened in other cases, real speculations that could lead our companies out of the market“.


Di Venanzio also complains about the difficulties in finding staff. “We suffer from the fact that we do not have specialized personnel – he underlines and, like Unindustria, we insist on the creation of an LTS that trains young people and initiates them to enter the world of work, trained and prepared. This shortcoming is partly the result of measures adopted by previous governments which have not stimulated the desire and passion to look for a job, but tend to ensure that many young people are satisfied with what the state guarantees, without having to work: we hope different measures are adopted to encourage the employment and use of all the unemployed ». It becomes important to invest in training. “At the same time – he concludes – it is hoped to carry on the various and repeated speeches dealt with many times with universities, schools and large companies: investing in the training of young people is the best thing to do to support the development of our territories”. In the meantime, in recent days, his company, the Phoenix Electronic System, has contributed in collaboration with Caritas to the course of warehouse worker in favor of the relugated guests of the reception and integration system project.
Antonio Bianco


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