Di Venanzio (Unindustria): Simplification and fundamental infrastructures for a serious reconstruction. Well done by Legnini

Aug 24, 2020

“I would like to express great closeness to the citizens and businesses of Amatrice and all the affected areas, on the sad anniversary of the fourth year of the earthquake which caused more than three hundred victims – declares Alessandro Di Venanzio President of Unindustria Rieti. It is a real shame that four years after the earthquake the reconstruction is still on the high seas. Citizens are alone and only businesses, which have nevertheless continued, in the face of enormous difficulties, to guarantee employment and development.

We acknowledge that something has been done, but there are still many unresolved issues. Commissioner Giovanni Legnini is doing a good job; now, however, it is necessary to give a great acceleration, both from a bureaucratic point of view, by streamlining all the procedures that prevent a fast and effective reconstruction, by intervening on intangible and material infrastructures, such as the expansion of the Salaria, now no longer postponable. We are facing a very high risk of economic and entrepreneurial desertification, there is no clear industrial and fiscal policy strategy that encourages companies to invest and stay in the area, creating employment and well-being.

We need a different system and more commitment on the part of all interlocutors. As always, an industry is ready to give its contribution and at the disposal of Commissioner Legnini to find more suitable solutions to guarantee a concrete and rapid relaunch of the territory. Only by being together and collaborating will we be able to get out of this dramatic situation.

As the Bishop of Rieti Domenico Pompili also stressed today – it is time to raise our eyes, something good can come from the lands changed by the earthquake, provided that we no longer look down – and this is also the hope of us entrepreneurs for the relaunch of the Rieti territory “.


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